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William R. Lynch, MD

Even after thirty years of practicing psychiatry I keep discovering new, fascinating aspects of it. The intricacies of human development, the enormous variation in how we interact with others, and the massive complexities of neural processes are all involved in my daily work with patients. My training and experience have prepared me to work with a wide range of clinical conditions. Psychoanalytic training and practice make up one of the theoretical foundations of my approach to patients. The other is my first, true love - biology. Studying the neurobiology of psychiatric disorders is intellectually satisfying and deepens my understanding of the fundamental challenges faced by my patients.

I offer outpatient evaluations and ongoing treatment for the full range of psychiatric syndromes. My professional background provides a broad perspective on human development and functioning. Staying current with developments in modern psychopharmacology allows me to deliver up-to-date medication treatment of my patients and to provide medication consultation and management for clients of my non-psychiatrist clinician colleagues.

Over the years I have become particularly interested in the Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity (ADHD) spectrum. This neuropsychiatric condition affects 5% or more of the adult population. There is a wide range of severity of the underlying physiology resulting in varying degrees of functional impairment. The complexity of its presentation along with the remarkable improvement with treatment makes this one of the more fascinating syndromes I see clinically.

The treatment modalities I offer include:

• individual psychotherapy
• psychopharmacotherapy
• medication consultation

A relatively new treatment modality is Telemedicine - the use of internet based video conferencing for clinical work. Patients are satisfied with it and there is ample evidence that it can be as effective as treatment sessions in the office. I provide a secure, HIPAA compliant, easy to use platform.

After graduating from Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, Texas, I obtained psychiatric training at Timberlawn Psychiatric Hospital and psychoanalytic training at the Dallas Psychoanalytic Institute. In addition to my clinical work I have taught and supervised psychiatric residents as Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Southwestern Medical School in Dallas and in association with the Department of Psychiatry at Rush Medical School in Chicago.

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We address a broad range of issues:

Major Depressive Disorder

Treatment Resistant Depression

Bipolar Depression

Bipolar Manic Episode

Bipolar II

Binge Eating Disorder



Relationship Problems
Couples & Family Counseling

Stress Management

Low Self-Esteem


Suicidal Thoughts
Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Panic Disorder

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Social Anxiety Disorder

Trauma & PTSD

E-Prescribing Services

We are authorized to offer e-prescribing for all your medication needs, including controlled substances.

Your prescription is sent and received instantaneously at the pharmacy of your choice, ready for you when you arrive.

We can also work collaboratively with your therapist while we manage your medications.

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